’s Lucy Collection – Celebrating British Design Lucy Collection - Sofas and Armchairs are celebrating their British Design Season with the Lucy Collection, a set of stylish, contemporary sofas and armchairs with removable linen-mix covers for a relaxed, easy to care for look.

Quality furniture, hand-made in Britain

Made joined forces with a long established British family of upholsterers. Professionally built in the UK using a traditional skill set, it takes the craftsmen up to 3 days to build a sofa, which includes building the solid birch frame right up to its finishing touches. The end result is a sofa that is strong,durable and will hopefully last as long as you!

Sofas and armchairs with a laid-back style

The team chose a linen mix for the Lucy, specifically to compliment its loose cover and laid-back style. The easy living nature of this collection is backed up be the easily removable covers, which makes keeping it clean a breeze.

The Lucy collection is currently available in a 2 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa and armchair options, each in linen beige or shire grey.


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